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About Us



         Changzhou OVS Auto Parts Co.,Ltd  locates  in the beautiful and fertile Yangtze River ,Xinbei District of Changzhou, Jiangsu,China,which has  beautiful environment  and convenient traffic.

        Changzhou OVS Auto Parts  Co.,Ltd is a well-known auto parts manufacturer, which is based on the production of automobile heat exchange system and steering power pipeline system. It covers more than 1000 square meters and has more than 100 employees.

        The company has independent research and development capabilities, with product development, manufacturing process, tooling, manufacturing workshop and other departments, has a large number of engineering and technical personnel with many years of experience in research and development, has been more than a number of well-known automotive engine plant to achieve synchronous development and achieved success.

Quality Assurance


       Changzhou OVS Auto Parts Co.,Ltd currently has more than 20 employees directly to participate in the quality assurance and control work. On the raw material procurement, manufacturing process, finished goods storage, packaging and other production process of the whole process to take strict quality control measures.

       Changzhou OVS Auto Parts Co.,Ltd   has  full range of equipment reliability test system and measurement system, including material physical and chemical, mechanical testing, automotive air conditioning pipe performance test, three coordinate measurement, can be used for automotive air conditioning connecting pipe products for real-time monitoring and measurement, in order to achieve product quality and continuous improvement.

      Changzhou OVS Auto Parts Co.,Ltd has effective quality control system and quality assurance capabilities, including domestic and overseas users fully affirmed.