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Cold car drove oil heater fee is not the proper use of heaters

Riders say is too cold when they are open air as little as possible, there are friends that can not open in winter warm oil costs, cost of oil is only open in summer cold,


In fact, the main heat from the heater tank. Specifically, the water heater is the use of the engine cycle generates heat, and then blown out by the blower heat. Open heater fuel consumption completely negligible, if the costs of oil may also be open wrong way. Here we teach the faithful to use the car's heater.


Use Heater Tips


1, not immediately after the car starts to open heater, wait approximately 3-5 minutes, until the water temperature rose to normal temperature, the temperature is raised to the middle, open heater.


2, no air conditioning (AC distinguished switch), use of the car itself as warm air is generated by thermal cycling, so it will not cost oil.


3, the air conditioning loop mode is set to internal circulation mode, the car will help rapid heating, followed by external demand-based switching cycle helps circulate air inside the vehicle.


4, then adjust the heater mode, the warm air temperature of 22 degrees Celsius is appropriate, adjust the air outlet direction.


Car heater warm air is not hot enough or not how to do?


Vehicle ventilation system is not hot in two areas: engine cooling system caused; heater control mechanism caused by bad work. Owners look at the small tank heater inlet temperature of the two, if two pipes are hot enough, that is the problem of air flow control means, on the contrary, is a hot or a cold, indicating a cooling system problem.


Cooling system problems:


1, thermostat thermostat normally open or open early, premature circulation cooling system, low external air temperature, especially when the car running, the cold antifreeze cooled engine water up the mountain, warm air is not hot.


2, lost or damaged water pump impeller rotation, so that the traffic flow through the heater tank small enough calories come up.


3, the engine cooling system air resistance, resulting in poor circulation cooling system, resulting in high water temperature, not hot heater failure. Is likely to be damaged cylinder head gasket to string gas cooling system actions; small heater if hot water tank inlet, and outlet pipe cooler, this situation should be a small tank heater blockage, replace the tank heater small .


Air volume control mechanism problems:


1, the heater fan heater is the use of small water tank blown into the cab heat, or if the wind is not enough cold air distribution is not good, it will cause the temperature up the mountain, the owners pay attention to check whether there is something under the filter clogging to clean up and replace if necessary.


2, each gear functioning inspection of the blower, if the knob to the heaters position, air volume is large enough, the wind is also normal, cool breeze blowing out of the control flap check box under the heater cable is off the hot and cold air, warm wind impeller damage, flap is off and so on.


After stopping to sleep heater must not open


Time to turn on the heater and the air outlet to blow against the people, the driver is easy to become confused, and when the engine is working, incomplete combustion of fuel, will produce high concentrations of carbon monoxide. When the car suspended and Heating remain open and the windows closed, the engine exhaust of carbon monoxide will be due to the gradual accumulation and concentration.