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What kind of car is safe

1. Thick steel plate was safe

Almost all domestic consumers or car enthusiast has heard such rhetoric, even a lot of people on this car proverbs. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of automotive safety, an institution of the sheet metal thickness of the common market models were compared, we found that both German cars, American cars or Japanese cars, sheet metal thickness varied from 0.65 to 0.8 mm between, and no significant difference in thickness, the thickest sheet metal and car, is a Japanese Southeast Mitsubishi's models. Sheet metal thickness and non-security vehicle collision, and only low-speed collision loss generated when relevant, passive safety design of the vehicle with only the frame structure design, materials and heat treatment process, the decision is the first element of a vehicle crash safety.




Consider automobile safety in terms of the thickness of the wagon seemed too gimmicky, automotive passive safety car by force major circumstances, the frame material stiffness and the force transmission route. But just a high strength material is not enough, people in the car crash can withstand the force is limited, even with the hardest hit if the material when subjected to a force beyond human tolerance range or useless, so the impact force dispersion (and absorb), vehicle safety is a very important one.


2. Body weight was safe enough


For this spread rumors, do not know when to begin to spread, seems to be 7 or 8 years ago, the German cars in the car weight not done a bit when the rumors, many people have been led to believe that this information the heavier the car Cishi in the crash, also have an advantage. Wait for them to own car to go heavy like a tank, does not know the current situation has been quite different.




German heavy past, the US Department also lightweight road to play very good, a lot of the weight of vehicles and often no difference Japanese slander. Overlooked is the substantial increase in automobile safety design, this progress is by no means such a heavy vehicle not fly indicators. American tanks had rolled down the embankment a traffic accident in Afghanistan, the body okay, impact force results in memory without buffering transmitted directly to the vehicle occupants, resulting in two deaths and one injury. This case tells us that the car was not re-evaluate the safety of a car is direct evidence.


3, fuel-efficient Japanese cars mainly because of thin metal car light




In fact, the car may cause thin light car, but can not bring such a widespread and significantly lower fuel consumption. Japanese car with low fuel consumption of the engine is the most direct reason, advanced manufacturing processes and determine the transmission performance and material technology. Before Japanese cars on weight and fuel consumption relationships. Some authoritative automotive Web site conducted experiments: the same level of Japanese cars and other models of cars using additional counterweight way to achieve the same weight, even in the weight-bearing state, under the same after traveling environment with the same mileage, Finally, the measured fuel consumption or Japanese cars low. So thin and low fuel consumption is no car the most direct relationship. Do not believe you can find the surrounding car riders to do a similar comparison.


4. sedan hatchback safer than


In the eyes of people accustomed to, used to the sedan, the manufacturer rather abruptly after the launch of the hatchback, the second box car much doubt, the first suspect is the safety performance hatchback. As we all know hatchback sedan less than a "car ass", it is considered less energy absorbing life insurance area, in fact, is that right? First, the domestic impact test does not look for the rear of the car to test, in addition to car traffic safety is our main good driving habits. Secondly, when two vehicles collided relative velocity determines the extent of damage to the car, then the car can save not how thick metal, there is no bumper, but by force of circumstances, the capacity and the stiffness of the car's frame by power transmission line is reasonable.




Manufacturers will be designed taking into account the case of the rear hatchback, will generally strengthen the capacity to withstand the impact when the rear. Currently all rear hatchback, there is a certain collision deformation area design, sufficient to absorb the impact energy collisions. Of course, two-box car's safe or not mainly depends on car manufacturers, car development platform, material applications. So hatchback and sedan form which does not exist in a safer problems, which only exist in different development platforms and brands, it means manufacturing processes, manufacturing materials, brand technical differences.


5. China-made cars as secure as a joint venture




If you put this view before the decade, it can really set up, but by 2014 it also holds this idea into a misunderstanding. In fact in recent years domestic independent brand cars in the car active and passive safety studies have spent a lot of effort, many companies have invested heavily in building security laboratory, before each new car market has done a lot of crash test, and according to the actual situation of the domestic road strengthen research targeted. Virtually equal footing with the joint venture vehicle in mini cars and small cars, and other fields, or even beyond, a lot of joint ventures production for many years, without improved safety performance, which, according to the latest safety standards, compared with its own brand, security features have not a small gap.


6. The car is safer than no sunroof sunroof




Car sunroof on the application as a high-end configuration "high with" car, but most people would not think that the automobile sunroof safer than skylights. Unibody cars use more, the car's safety is mainly to see little relationship between the thickness of the beams carrying the body and the vehicle body. In order to achieve beam configuration panoramic sunroof on the roof is necessary to make sacrifices - to reduce the beam, beam since it reduces the safety factor would be reduced, which is a common idea. In fact car with sunroof not because of the strength of the body less cross beams of the body, stiffness decreases. . Window locations using special materials and the redesign of the force carrier route, does not give a negative impact on the whole body, but let the roof become stronger.


Second, in addition sunroof, the car but also to do a series of safety tests, including long-term use of the roof of the vibration fatigue test, compression test roll and roof, interior noise, body temperature and during the collision of the occupant protection system the impacts. In addition to these beams, whether it is a metal roof, roof or panoramic sunroof is but one wagon only little effect on the overall passive safety. The car accident, the glass window broken pieces will maximize the protection of occupants, then how will an escape exit. In summary, the car with the sunroof is safe.