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Prevent the car cold injury

Face more trouble than any other season. Car, like people, need this kind of barrier to keep out the cold cold weather. So what we need winter car supplies? These supplies in the end play what role? With these questions, small series for everyone to show the eight winter essential supplies for your reference in the winter car.


Cold winter, for car owners, may have to face more trouble than any other season. Car, like people, need this kind of barrier to keep out the cold cold weather. So what we need winter car supplies? Such supplies in the end play what role? With these questions, the car car channel will show you the eight winter essential supplies for your reference in the winter car.


One winter essential supplies: plus cotton sewing


In summer we use ordinary sewing in order to prevent exposure to the sun and rain corrosion paint, and winter plus cotton sewing, car insulation, security, fire-retardant can also play a role.


Recommended reason: winter nighttime low temperatures in some areas, even the four seasons of Beijing, also reached minus 15 degrees Celsius, in such temperatures, the car starts more difficult. You can own hands, for the car to put on a warm coat, pass the test, the insulation effect can reach 3-4 degrees higher than the outside air temperature.


Choose to buy: the general increase in the price of cotton sewing 80-300 per month, plus selection of high-grade cotton sewing the outer layer of nano-materials or material Larkin, soft inner layer is a high degree of PU material, built-retardant effect of outstanding pure cotton.


Winter essential supplies two: antifreeze glass of water


Winter and summer very different, no matter what brand of how many summer temperature glass of water will not freeze, and winter if using a glass of water in the summer, so there will be icing problems. Cause can not be cleaned automotive glass, and electrical and glass of water reservoir will be frozen.


Recommended reason: To be selected for the lowest temperature in winter frost glass of water, for example, Beijing has reached a minimum temperature of minus 15 degrees, then select glass of water temperature to at least minus 25 degrees, then the Mohe and other colder regions, temperatures reach minus 30 degrees and below , then use of minus 35 degrees and below a glass of water, to prevent freezing.


Choose to buy: frost glass of water generally priced between $ 15-30. First, we want to determine the type glass water temperatures based on the weather, under normal circumstances, we should make some more temperature. For example, minus 15 degrees Celsius, then we should buy minus 20 degrees and below a glass of water, if the purchase of a glass of water the same temperature, icing is likely to occur.


Winter essential supplies three: snow tires


Not all vehicles have snow tires need to be replaced. Snow tires for FWD and AWD vehicles often travel in urban areas is not very useful, but no snow tires is very important for ice and snow driving experience with special needs and after driving drivers who drive type.


Recommended reason: snow tires in areas cold temperatures and snow, not only to ensure the safety of the vehicle, but also has good handling and braking performance. For year-round winter region, snow tires is the best choice.


Choose to buy: Usually a snow tire prices between 2000-3000, a special high-density fiber tread rubber, wear-resistant and difficult to crush, add a certain silicon content, in order to ensure maximum ground area, the anti-slip properties to maximize.


Winter essential supplies four: snow shovel, shovel light


Winter, due to snow, frost and other reasons, car windshield affect the line of sight can lead to icing, clearing up more trouble. Private car windshield snow shovel can easily solve this problem. When the tire is covered with snow, light snow and shovel can dig dirt.


Recommended reason: the weather after the snow, its open hot air, melting snow distracting, not as good as with a snow shovel to convenience. If the car buried in the snow, then the light will be your shovel straw. With them in the winter to protect you really have nothing to worry about.


Choose to buy: snow shovel in the price a few dollars, the price of light shovel around twenty dollars, are relatively cheap. Buy them together and fire extinguishers, not of space, but also for your convenience.


Winter essential supplies five: cushion winter


Winter driving, if the vehicle is not seat heating, vehicle owners must have bought winter cushion. Otherwise, every time I drive is a challenge. So cold winter winter seat installation has become the most effective way to improve the situation.


Recommended reason: cold winter, the cold leather seats, we need to cushion the winter, it can bring warmth to the owners, there will be a good driving mood.


Choose to buy: in the market, the type of cushion winter variety, the price is considerably different from the three-five hundred to three five more. We want to buy in the first place on the security, so to choose the inside of the material can fit in the seat surface and slipping does not occur.


Winter essential supplies six: antifreeze


Antifreeze is a coolant containing special additives, mainly for the engine cooling system antifreeze has a freezing winter, summer, anti-boil, annual water scale, corrosion, and other functions. Antifreeze should be used year-round, first put the net when replacing old antifreeze fluid, avoid mixing different brands of antifreeze use.


Recommended reason: winter night may reach several degrees or tens of degrees below zero. Want to make the engine can be started at any time will depend on the antifreeze. It can guarantee the normal operation of the engine at low temperatures.


Choose to buy: antifreeze price of 50 yuan. Antifreeze freezing point is one of the most important indicators of antifreeze, is an important condition of the antifreeze can freeze. The lower the freezing point, the higher the boiling point, the greater the temperature difference which, relatively speaking, the better the quality of antifreeze. Also note that different brands do not mix.


Seven winter essential supplies: anti-fogging agent


When winter driving, since rarely open the window ventilation, resulting in a large temperature difference between inside and outside the car, so full of mist on the windscreen, is likely to affect the driver's line of sight. Therefore, in the winter, the owner can spray some special anti-fogging agent on the windshield, get the best sight in driving the process.


Recommended reason: If there is fog on the windshield, blocking the driver's view, is likely to cause accidents. If we use anti-fogging agent, can form a transparent protective film on the glass, which can effectively prevent moisture condensation formed on the glass layer of fog. It would be good to avoid the problems caused by fog.


Choose to buy: Price range anti-fogging agent in a few dollars to tens of dollars. It is flammable and can be used only in well-ventilated place. Avoid direct sunlight, close to the fire or heat source. Store in a cool place less than 50 ¡æ. Do not breathe mist when using this product aerosol may cause drowsiness or dizziness.


Summary: In winter, warm clothing by everyone in completely prepared to do for themselves, but also to think about how to prepare for the love of winter driving. For this trip you also a protection. You love riding equipment, while careful not to ignore security issues. Reasonable decorative order is really warm themselves.